Dr. Amy Patel’s recent ARS visit!

In Dr. Patel’s recent visit, she explained the importance of RADPAC. RADPAC and the ACR’s Government Relations (GR) team played a significant role in some major legislative accomplishments for our profession that passed Congress last week – read details here. Dr. Patel emphasized the efforts of RADPAC and the ACR’s GR staff for all they’ve done to ensure not just fair reimbursement for us but more importantly, the ability for us to continue to serve our patients.

In her capacity as a RADPAC Board member, she wanted to make one last appeal to you to support RADPAC before the end of 2021!

Last year, 39 radiologists from Arizona contributed to RADPAC (roughly 8% of Arizona’s radiology members) for a total of $17,198.

So far in 2021, just 24 radiologists from the state have contributed (roughly 5%) for a total of $9,334.

For your convenience, below is a QR code that will direct you to the RADPAC contribution page specifically set-up for Arizona Radiological Society members.

March Madness RADPAC Challenge!

The RADPAC March Chapter Challenge is now underway!

The #marchchapterchallenge is an annual campaign to see which state chapter can rally the most members to contribute to RADPAC.

As the ACR’s political action committee, RADPAC makes sure that our voice and interests as early career radiologic professionals are well represented in Washington DC. This is becoming increasingly important as the healthcare debate continues under the new administration. We have already had a few victories in the name of Radiology over the past year, but we can’t let up in this fight. Let us help continue the trend!
There is no minimum contribution amount. Each contributor in the month of March earns their state chapter one point (only one contribution/person counts).

If a contributor signs-up for the $21 monthly (recurring) pledge from March through December, then the contributor’s contribution will count as 3 points. More information can be found at RADPAC.org.


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services published its Final Rule for the 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule yesterday.  Unfortunately, CMS did not address the drastic cuts associated with the implementation of its 2021 evaluation and management (E/M) policy.  As a result, radiologists, as well as many other health professionals, face Medicare reimbursement reductions of as much as 10%.  The only way to stop these cuts before they are implemented next month is through Congressional legislation.  Since the legislative calendar is quickly waning, you must click on the Call to Action (CTA) link today to make sure your senators know how important it is for your patients and your practice to stop these cuts before the end of the year.

Thank you in advance for participating in this Call to Action.  You are strongly encouraged to send an email and link to other colleagues so they may participate as well.

ACR 2020 Annual Meeting

The ACR® 2020 annual meeting is transitioning to a completely virtual meeting that prioritizes ACR governance activities. ACR 2020 will be held entirely online May 16-19.

For more information, click here!

Happy New Year from the Arizona Radiological Society (ARS) and welcome to 2020. Our goal for this brief newsletter is to illuminate what the ARS is doing throughout the year and encourage participation from radiologists around the state.

Below is a quick list highlighting upcoming events and goals for the ARS in 2020:
ACR 2020 is happening this May! Please join us in Washington D.C.
The first 2020 quarterly executive meeting will be held this March. We will be discussing plans for our visit to Capitol Hill in May, including pertinent legislation affecting our field such as digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) and Surprise Billing.
We are currently submitting Chapter Recognition Awards to the ACR for the annual meeting and hope to highlight the great work our state chapter has been doing over the past year.
The Arizona Radiological Society is available online through the ARS website (azradiology.net) or through social media on Facebook (@arizonaradiologicalsociety) and twitter (@AZradiology).

Please encourage your friends and colleagues to join the ACR. Top accomplishments of the ACR in 2019 include:
Ensured physician priorities were considered and included in several of the prominent Surprise Billing legislative bills debated in Congress
Successfully opposed continued legislative efforts to weaken or repeal the appropriate use criteria provisions included in the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014
Launched the ACR AI-LAB™ to enable radiologists to evaluate and create artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms at their own institutions, and facilitated development and publication of the international and multisociety Statement on Ethics of AI in Radiology to set expectations and provide guidance on AI in radiology
Offered 50+ courses across 19 topic areas at the ACR Education Center, catering to nearly 1,700 attendees

Please stay tuned for future emails and updates from the ARS. If you have any questions or would like to become more involved, please visit us online or email Linda DiBiase at LDiBiase@azmed.org.

Thank you,
The Arizona Radiological Society

Welcome Message from the President

With our active members, the ARS serves to strengthen the practice of radiology by advocating for pro-radiology legislation, improving continuing education for radiologists and allied professional fields, and providing its members with essential economics information in a rapidly changing healthcare environment.

I would encourage all Diagnostic Radiologists, Radiation Oncologists, and Medical Physicists to join the American College of Radiology and to join the ACR State Chapter, the Arizona Radiological Society. For current members I urge you to continue your membership and involvement now, as it is more important than ever to support your specialty.

Dane Van Tassel, MD
President, Arizona Radiological Society